The Military History Society of New South Wales Incorporated (originally the New South Wales Military Historical Society) held its inaugural meeting on 20 September 1968, with the principal aim of encouraging the compilation and presentation of the military history, firstly, of New South Wales and, secondly, of Australia. However the Society also encourages study, research and efforts to foster public interest in the general field of military history and allied subjects, by the publication of written works and other means. The founding President in 1968 was Mr Leonard L Barton SM (USA). The founding Patron of the Society in 1971 was Brigadier E J H Howard CBE.
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The objectives of the Society (which shall be non-political and non-sectarian) are: (1)  To encourage the study of military history. (2)  To print, publish and distribute such periodicals, books and other literary publications and documents which enhance the study of military history. (3)  To promote interest in military history by lectures, readings, discussions, excursions and exhibitions of militaria. (4)  To acquire by purchase, donation, or otherwise, and preserve for the use of the Society, books, manuscripts,  newspapers, records, coins, medals, stamps, prints, pictures, slides, uniforms, badges, relics, and all such other objects and materials as may be considered to relate to military history and to establish,  furnish and maintain libraries, Museums and picture galleries. (5)  To co-operate with societies having similar or related objects. (6)  To do all such things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objects. Note:

  • In the Objectives above, the words “military” and “militaria” relate to navies, armies and air forces, as well as supporting organisations.
  • In recent years the Society has broadened our lecture topics to include global military history topics from both ancient and modern military history.


The Patron of the Society is Major General The Honourable Justice Paul Brereton AM RFD.

Justice Brereton was born in Sydney and practised as a solicitor from 1982 to 1987 and as a barrister from 1987 to 2005. He was appointed Senior Counsel in 1998. In 2005 he was sworn in as a Judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and joined the NSW Court of Appeal in August 2018. Justice Brereton is an Army Reservist who holds the rank of Major General. He enlisted in the Army Reserve in Sydney University Regiment in 1975, and was commissioned in the Royal Australian Infantry in 1979. He has served as Second-in-Command Sydney University Regiment (1994-6), Commanding Officer 4th/3rd Battalion, the Royal New South Wales Regiment (1997-99), Chief of Staff 5th Brigade (2004-5), Assistant Chief of Staff Land Headquarters (2006-7), and Commander 5th Brigade (2008-10). From 2011 to 2013 he was Head of Cadet, Reserve and Employer Support Division. He holds honorary appointments as Colonel Commandant of the Royal NSW Regiment and the University of NSW Regiment. He also sits as a member of the Defence Force Discipline Appeals Tribunal and acts as Assistant Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force. Justice Brereton was honoured with membership of the Order of Australia (Military Division) in 2010 and received the Reserve Force Decoration in 1995.

Council Members

Robert MuscatPresident and Acting Treasurer
Ron LyonsVice President
Frances CairnsSecretary
Warren BairstowCouncil Member
John MuscatPublic Officer/ Editor
Danesh BamjiCouncil Member
David MartinCouncil Member