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‘Picture This’ History Week: 7-15 September 2013


History Week 7-15 September 2013

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. In the image conscious 21st Century photographs shape the world.

How has the development of the visual changed, informed and shaped society? How do historians use art and photography to inform their research? Who were the original mad men of the advertising industry?

Long before the Kardashians, the rich and famous manipulated their images and throughout time people form all backgrounds and cultures have created their view of the world through visual representations.

History Week 2013 will bring the past into view through the frame of images.

The History Council of NSW has been running History Week for 16 years to share stories that show history is interesting, relevant and all around us.

Across NSW nearly one hundred events will celebrate the history of images.

Archives, museums, libraries, universities, historical societies, community groups, councils, will open their doors and get the cameras and photo albums out to present the latest historical perspectives on a vital part of our culture.

History Week 2013 Online Program

The History Week 2013 online program will go live on 18 July 2013. It can be viewed at Have a look at the events happening across the state.

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City of Sydney City Lights and banners campaign

History Week will be featured as part of the Sydney is Fashion campaign being run throughout the City of Sydney from August 2013. We will also have banners in the City of Sydney area advertising our event.

The Military History Society of NSW is hosting a History Week event. Download the PDF below for further details.


History Week – MHS NSW The Lost Diggers lecture