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Dr Stephen Bourke on The Battle of Qadesh 1274 BC

The Military History Society of New South Wales Incorporated presents

Dr Stephen Bourke – Archaeologist, Sydney University and Director of the Pella Excavation


The Battle of Qadesh 1274 BC

The Battle of Qadesh (or Kadesh) c. 1274 BC is the first battle in recorded history for which we have a detailed account of the tactics used by both sides. It is also the first battle for which we have a written peace treaty to bring about an end to hostilities. It was fought between the two superpowers of the day: the Egyptian and Hittite empires. Pharaoh Ramses II led the Egyptians and King Muwatallish led the Hittites in the battle in the Levant, a strip of land sought by both powers to serve as a buffer against the other.
This fully illustrated lecture will outline key elements in the battle, and discuss how the new archaeological evidence bears on the several mysteries that surround the course and ultimate outcome of the clash between empires that decided the fate of Syria for a hundred years.

Saturday, 12 March 2016, 2.00pm

99 York St Conference and Function Centre, Sydney

Entry is free. RSVP is essential by 9 March 2016 as numbers are restricted (02) 9660-7225 / 0418 400 825 or email


The Battle of Qadesh.