The Military History Society of NSW is for those interested in military history from ancient and modern times from NSW, Australia and the globe.




Lecture Program 2018
3 March 2018 – Dennis Weatherall. The Battle of Lake Tanganyika.
7 April 2018 – Lieutenant Colonel Peter Sweeney. The Battle of the Coral Sea.
5 May 2018 – Seumas Tan.  “The Malayan Emergency (1948-1960)” which deals with the Communist insurgency.
2 June 2018 -Group Captain  Doug Hurst(Retd.) – FEAF,  the Far East Air Force, 1949 – 1971.
7 July – Robert Muscat. The Battle of Hammel.
4 August – Mr Colin Kay DCM. The First Military Railway.
1 September – Dr. Jonathan King. Topic yet to be decided.
3 November – Australian War Brides from WWII by Eleanor Limprecht.



Please note: Topics may change from time-to-time based on availability of speakers, etc.

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